Welcome to Aquarium Gallery

We are a wholesale graffiti and street art outlet, selling the latest and most sought after prints, designs and original artworks. Based in Central London we aim to display the latest artists from around the world in the street artist movement.

Whatever your taste we will be happy to accommodate. Featuring artists from around the World, from Europe to Asia. We sell various street artists works and prints alongside exclusive deals.


Run by Alan Lover and his business partner Joseph Hoever, Aquarium Gallery has long been the favourite art gallery for upcoming artists involved in the London art scene. We started off with the Kennedy Sucks Art Show, which featured works by artists such as Pez, Claw Money and Kaws. We have since held shows worldwide and been in numerous publications for our art exploits.

Future plans

We are always planning new and exciting projects.  Upcoming we have a show featuring the artist Mr Brainwash and a collaboration with the guys at Steam and Fresh art supplies on a new line of coffee cups.