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Eine MuralStarting life as a graffiti writer, Ben Eine now resides safely inside the law with his legal pieces and various other art related projects. His specialisation has grown to be lettering and his works now sit across the globe, on the streets of  London, Houston, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Tokyo too name five.
Securing demi-god status on being given the nod by David Cameron, or more likely his wife Sarah, on meeting Barack Obama, presenting the President of the United States with one of Eine’s distinctly lettered designs.
Having previously designed for the loveble and punchable Robin Banks in conjunction on some screen printing business. The now prolific letter maker has most recently taken over a joint residency with Cheese London and continues to add to his resume in the form of various lettering murals, ranging from the 400 metre mural at the Olympic village to his many adorned shop fronts around the globe.

His stock continues to rise and surely must the limited edition prints that accompany the artwork and the Ben Eine Artwork itself.


Ben Eine @ the Lowry

21st century city ben eine

A highly prolific street artist in his own right. Ben Eine’s murals and larger than life characters sit across not only London but the world. Anyone who is a regular visitor or resident of East London will attest to this.

The 21st century artwork given to Barack Obama by David Cameron is typical of the work Eine produces and the eye-catching lettering.

While stepping into the mainstream with his Art, that surely is the only sensible way, Eine has secured himself a steady following and keeps himself very active in the commercial sector.

Ben Eine Street Art and Graffiti

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Whisper Gallery Installation