Helping children in Africa

When it comes to helping children in need, education is the key tool for any child to dig their way out of poverty and build themselves a better and brighter future.

Aquarium Gallery is particularly invested in improving the life chances of African children by teaching them the skills they need to earn a living and not fall into the poverty traps that await them.

However, for many young girls in Africa, their gender has already predetermined their path in life: one of poverty, abuse and neglect. Many of these young girls will drop out of school before they reach secondary level due to financial pressures in the home, and the misconception that a girl’s education is not a good use of money. Many of these girls will be forced into an early marriage, giving birth while they are still children themselves. With a high mortality rate in childbirth for developing countries such as Africa, too many of these young girls will not even see adulthood, and those that too will be condemned to a lifetime of abuse, HIV infection and violence.

What can be done?

Plan UK has developed the Building Skills for Life scheme that teaches both boys and girls that they have the power to shape their own futures. For girls this program is especially important, as if they can stay in education they are already better equipped to develop skills that can help them avoid early marriage.

The program also teaches young people about sexual and reproductive health in order to prevent complications that arise due to young women not being educated about how to take care of themselves. If these young women have access to good quality treatment and know their rights, already they have a better chance for survival.

Building Skills for Life also teaches boys and girls about issues of household poverty and economic security, while tackling attitudes towards physical and sexual violence against girls. Plan UK understands that such violence and poor attitudes towards women is what most often prevents women from being able to access the healthcare and education they so desperately need in order to build better futures for themselves.

What can you do?

Building Skills for Life continues to thrive, but there is always more work to be done in order to break the cycle of poverty for both boys and girls in Africa. Plan UK is determined to continue to teach children and communities how they can strive together so that future generations can have a brighter future. By sponsoring a child in a developing country such as Africa, you can provide the tools they need to further their education and rescue them from a life of poverty. Contact Plan UK today to see how you can help – every donation makes a difference to a child’s life.

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