Reduced Shakespeare Company

Kyle Dadd
Kyle, who is more of a concept than a human, was conceived and reared in a boobopolis in Canada. A spendthrift of his own genius, he now lives chronically in debt in North London. Kyle has a keen sense of smell and is particularly fond of moose.Gary Fannin

Despite Gary’s thick Canadian accent he actually hails from America, Texas in fact. After years of riding the range, and some nasty chaffing, he decided it was time to leave the saddle and seek further education in the real world, thus landing in himself at the University of Texas where he bought his BFA and found his MRS. After struggling extensively in America and not gaining great fame and fortune from his remarkable knitting abilities he was then accidentally sold into white slavery to a bunch of Welsh pirates and has only recently escaped. Now, his new, kind, thoughtful English friends have set up a charity to help him get back home – if you would like to make a donation please make cheques payable to ‘Yanksgohome Ltd.’ Thank you.

Adam Long
Director/Performer/Writer (Shakespeare, America, Bible)

Although born in Manhattan and raised in California with Texans, Adam now resides in London with his lovely wife Alex, his four year old son Joe and a small grey rabbit named Willard.He cites his influences as Harpo Marx, Suzuki Roshi and The Grateful Dead.

Richard Lynson

Richard Lynson does not exist. He is a figment of the imagination created because another actor already had his real name. Richard was delivered by a stork to the exact middle of the North American continent, but his parents saw fit to substitute extreme cold for cold and extreme wet, and he was raised in Lancashire. He thinks the ideal job would be quality control inspector for Wychwood Brewery. As a party trick, he can recite Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return Of The Jedi from memory. He doesn’t get invited to parties much.

John Schwab

John was born in Pensacola, Florida (somebody had to be). He now resides in London with his wife, Tasmin, and two kids Humphrey and Cleopatra (both black cats). John wishes to thank his pre-school teacher for giving him his ‘big-break’, playing ‘Happy’ the third bicuspid in the school dental hygiene play.

William Shakespeare
Dead Playwright

Bill supposedly wrote some, most, or all of the 36 plays publicised in the First Folio as well as Pericles, Two Noble Kinsman, and reams of poetry. He must have been an interesting guy to have written all those keen plays, but there is no evidence that he was fun at parties, handy around the house, or even good at chinese checkers. The RSC claims that were Shakespeare alive today he would not only approve of their interpretations of his plays, but also would go bowling with them after the show.

Bryan Torfeh

Bryan is a well-travelled Irish-Persian from California. He’s pleased to be with the RSC, having worked several seasons with some other company that goes by the same initial. He blames his father for his early childhood over-exposure to Olivier and Chaplin films.

Christian Malcolm
Web Guru

Christian was born on a pirate ship. Having spent his formative years growing up in Oman, Hong Kong and Dulwich, his parents finally decided to settle down in Canada. Christian greatly enjoyed drinking soft drinks with the polar bears there and yes, he lived in an igloo. Christian then came to England to research his thesis, proving once and for all that Shakespeare was a woman.


Reed Martin
Co-Director/Writer (America, Bible, Millenium)

Mr Martin was drawn to the theatre when he realised that performing gave him a good excuse to sleep late. Prior to joining the RSC in 1989, he was circus clown and spent two years frightening children and smelling of elephant . He feels strongly that toilet paper should be fed over the top of the roll.

Daniel Singer
Founder/Writer (Shakespeare)

Daniel, who founded the RSC in 1981, was actually an animated cartoon character on loan from the Walt Disney Studio. After performing with the RSC for eight years, Daniel’s paint began to chip off and he has since returned to Disney for refurbishing.

Austin Tichenor
Co-Director/Writer (America, Bible, Millenium)

Austin is delighted to be the only member of the RSC with a full head of hair. He has proudly passed on this and other genetic traits to his newborn son Quincy, who is very cute and very short. Come to think of it, Austin’s wife Dee is also very cute and very short, which could explain it.

Jess Winfield
Founder/Writer (Shakespeare)

A founder-member of the RSC, Jess retired from the company in 1992 when he realised he had acted the title role in Hamlet more times that Olivier and Gielgud combined and suddenly felt very old. He now lives in Los Angeles and writes about anything other than Shakespeare.

Megan Loughney
RSC General Manager

Megan Loughney is the only RSC General Manager ever to hail from Eagle, Idaho. Prior to joining the RSC, Megan has been seen at the Seattle Children’s Theatre, Boston’s Huntington Theatre Company and at Cincinnati Opera where she’s been involved in management, casting, royalties, and has written and produced a touring children’s opera. What any of this has to do with the RSC is anybody’s guess. Currently she mantains home and RSC business in the middle of middle-America, Cincinnati, OH.

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