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We have all seen the movie ‘Ghost’ with the ever lovely Patrick Swayze, where he dies and then walks the earth like a discarnate soul, encountering other souls on his journey. Some more friendly than others. But is this just fiction or are we surrounded by ghosts in our everyday life?


I was recently fortunate enough to sit-in on a workshop aimed at teaching people about the world of negative spirits and earthbound spirits. This came in the form of a releasing these spirits from where they have become trapped, here on Earth and sending them on their way to the light. This form of therapy known as spirit release is becoming ever more popular as people adjust and change their views on what is possible. Of course we all know that Patrick Swayze was playing a character, but the reality is that some souls/people do become trapped here and need help to cross to the other side.

How do spirits/people become trapped here?

As we have mentioned the film ‘Ghost‘ we will continue with this analogy. In the film the character of Sam Wheat walks the earth for 30-days prior to moving on. This is demonstrated in the film as after he has resolved the conflict from the cause of his death and has found closure with his girlfriend, played by Demi Moore, he is beckoned by the light and knows it is the right time to leave this life and go onto whatever awaits him.

Those that practice spirit release do not hypothesise as to where the spirit or person is going to and neither do they claim to know. All that is clear is that the energy is moving on from this world and being released after becoming trapped here after death.

GhostSo going back to the film, Wheat (Swayze) is not scared and nor is he alarmed at his new destination and accepts it unwaveringly, calmly listening to the Angels that come to fetch him. But what would have been the result in the film if the character was scared to go with the Angels? Or if he simply did not want to leave his beloved girlfriend? I mean given the choice of never seeing Demi Moore again or potentially going to Heaven is a tough one, I know.

This is the exact scenario in which earthbound spirits become stuck. Situations where this might occur also include;

  • Attachment to the material nature of the world. Possessions, drink & drug dependency or loved ones that they do not wish to leave.
  • Not knowing that they have passed and being unaware they are dead until it is too late.
  • People that have very strong religious views and believe that they have lived a bad life and so think that they are surely destined for Hell.

The reasons for Earthbound Spirits remaining here are varied and unique. Where it is true to say that each case has it’s own particular merits, these are among the most common reported by those that specialise in spirit attachment.



Scary spirits?

The workshop also introduced me to the world of negative spirits. These are discarnate souls that have chosen to stay on the Earth not because they do not wish to leave loved ones, but because they want to cause trouble and mayhem for susceptible individuals.

These negative souls mission is to cause as many problems as they can, attaching to any human that they think they can have a negative impact on.

These are very troubled souls who just like Earthbound spirits once lived in the physical world. The difference, however, is that they had troubled lives, either through abuse or trauma. This is what is reported by most working in this industry and although these entities like to cause problems, light workers within this realm report that these souls need just as much love as anybody else, if not more.

Problems with attachment

The problems caused can again be varied and wide. A negative spirit could attach to a building for example with the sole intention to disrupt the lives of whoever is living there.

There are also varying degrees of how strong these negative spirits can be. A really strong one for example could make a person act or feel very unpleasant, while also being able to manipulate certain individuals.




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